Republican Delusion, Who Dis Be and Why We are Fraked

Michael Steele, token leader of the RNC (yes I said it and yes he is and if he was not he would have been fired months ago for his idiotic remarks) is now calling Afghanistan ‘Obama’s war’. How laughable! The moron has forgotten that it was the Bush Reich that took us to this dark door and left us in this hopeless predicament. Well, what did the RNC expect? Not long ago I was at a Political function, paid for by a (let’s call it) Fraternal Organization I am a member of (I would not pay $85 for bad food and worse speakers). During the speaker portion of the event I stepped out to the men’s room (50 yr olds have to pee after eating, comes with the territory I am told) and on the way back in one of our fine states Congressmen comes out the door with his cell phone stuck to his ear and I hear him say ‘who dis be?’….. a man who is one of a relatively small number of people that make law and dictate policy for one of the most populous states in the Union…. ‘who dis be?’!?!….. who dis be indeed! While I have no idea who was on the other side of that ‘conversation’ and nor do I care I can tell you who dis be… dis be a taxpayer, a man that works hard for a living and believes in giving an honest days work for an honest pay. I give it and I expect it from the Public Servants whose salaries I pay. That includes proper English and a certain level of decorum. We have let ourselves be forced to believe that we are powerless, that we cannot influence the government which is out of control… I disagree. Vote, vote them out and keep voting them out until someone that cares about us gets in. We are only Fraked if we let ourselves be. We are the Government and we can change things.

We are the Government, We Need to Take it Back

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Dumpster Diving

Watched a woman throw a wicker baby doll buggy into a dumpster yesterday so I just had to look. It was not in bad shape, so I pulled it out. A little web surfing and it seems it is from between 1900-1910! A kinder, gentler time indeed and something for the coming Granddaughter to push around the living room when she gets big enough.

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Big Oil Money: Republicans, Democrats and Other Criminals

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has already caused unprecedented ecological, economic and emotional damage for the residents in the area. Everyone is quick to blame BP as they well should, BP was criminally negligent and created one of if not the most devastating man made disasters of all times. But why was the ‘culture of corruption’ (for lack of a better term) allowed to fester? Why and how did we get to the point that Corporations could greedily destroy entire sections of the planet for profit? My answer is the largest group of criminals, terrorists and traitors in this world. Yes, I am talking about elected officials! If you look at who is taking you will find that both major parties have their hands out and are eating at the trough of big oil money. Senator Barton even APOLOGIZED to BP for having to create a 20 Billion dollar fund for clean up (a drop in the bucket really)! What a scumbag, I mean how does the man sleep at night! And why aren’t his constituents demanding his resignation? Because the real problem is not them, it is US… the people voting these criminals in. We need to fire everyone in Washington now, vote them out. And when the next bunch of criminals get in, make them one term wonders and vote a new bunch in. But, in order for this to work we must have criminal investigations, trial and prosecutions for politicians. Sounds radical but it is a ‘Government for the people, by the people’ and we, you, me… all of us are the people! We need journalists, not O’Reilley or Limp-ball or any number of lib-tard whiner who are entertainers. We need hard hitting, fact gathering, honest to God journalists reporting on the crimes of the Washington lowlifes. ‘But Obama promised change’ you say, well if you want my opinion Barry is the proverbial fox watching the hen house. Who better than a Constitutional Law Professor to dismantle the Constitution! If you thought that blubbering idiot dubya shredded that wonderful document just take a look at what Barry is up to. This organization tracks judicial trends and it is disturbing to say the least!
We have been lied to, taken advantage of and stolen from long enough! Vote them out! Write them and tell them you are tired of it! They are criminals, all of them but what is worse is the people that treat them like they are special….. that is us, the People. Thanks, I am going to walk down to the mail box and see if one of the few things government does right ran today.
A few sites to inspire us all to action.

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It rains in the Summer in Florida

Summer time in Florida is bouts of stifling heat and humidity between down pours. Not being from here I find it somewhat disconcerting that the smell I associate with a summer shower is absent and I miss it. Maybe this has something to do with my current status of unemployment and a yearning for kinder, gentler times. There was a ‘interview’ today, though I would call it more of a propaganda indoctrination. The job posting was for a security/ fire alarm installer technician, something within my skill set as an electrician. The truth was a position to ‘give away’ security systems (with a healthy install and monthly fee) and the ‘tech’ position was only available after 90 days of giving them away. Of course you make so much money that in 90 days you do not want to install them, just continue to give them away… now my question is ‘who is installing the systems then?’. I suppose that this was better than the few offers to sell insurance for which I am neither licensed nor inclined to. So the rain is letting up now, moving further inland to soak the scrub palms and miles of suburbs and I will take a walk down to the mail box, maybe someone sent me an invite to an interview via snail-mail, that would be a nice gesture, one from a kinder, gentler time.

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Hello world!

My first Blog post! Somehow it seems anti-climatic but we will see how it goes. My intent is to use this blog as a springboard for my articles I have posted at Suite101.  Please visit me there and read my articles.  In the mean time I will be writing about the economy, politics, unemployment, resumes, interviews, electrician stuff and my general disdain for bad drivers! So, if you want to read the mad ramblings of a somewhat disgruntled man check in often and I will have words of something maybe resembling wisdom to pass on. The picture you see here is one I took, I thought it somewhat profound at the time. You may take it as an invitation, a place waiting for you on a beach, sun bright and water sparkling. It is a nice beach, Caspersen Beach just South of Venice Beach, Florida. We find sharks teeth there, fossilized sting ray barbs and other fossils. The water is clear and there is no development as it is a County Park on an Island, though if the market ever recovers there are people that want to develop it. People in Florida want to build over everything, I guess they hate it like it is. A pity really, Florida was probably a nice place before they started asphalting it over.

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